Advertising Disclosure

This site is a free online resource aimed to promote particular communication sites. The operator of this site is a company that may be an owner or may have an affiliation with the company(ies) that own(s) of control(s) the websites placed and rated here.
The information and ratings stored on this site are provided by the company(ies) that own(s) and/or operate(s) these websites. The location and ratings of the websites, therefore, is determined by the company(ies) that own(s) or controls the website(s). Thus, the operator of this site may not receive any particular advertising compensation.
This site does not provide information about any other communication service than those that are controlled by this site operator whether directly or not.
Alongside with the influenced ratings, opinions or findings, the basic criteria include also brand market share, reputation, conversion rates and general consumer interest.
The site may also contain various advertising materials, including but not limited to banners, video-materials, pop-ups, etc.
All and any content on this site is provided in an artistic manner and may contain wording exaggerations.

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